How to create Distribution group and manage the membership in Exchange 2016

What is a distribution group?

It is a group of email enabled users. If we want to share some information with multiple users and do not want to add their email ID’s in To list everytime. We can create distribution group in Exchange Admin Center (EAC).

How to create a distribution group?

Open EAC and then select  “Recipients ->groups -> Click on + sign -> select “Distribution group.

After clicking on “Distribution group”. It will open a new page where below information is required:

  1. Display Name (Mandatory): This name will appear in the address book and on the To and Cc lines when email is sent to this group. The display name should be user-friendly so that users will recognize what it is.
  2. Alias (mandatory): The alias is used to generate the email address of the group (Ex:
  3. Notes: Write a description so people know what this distribution group is used for. This will show up on the group’s contact card and in the address book.
  4. Organization Unit: Choose the organizational unit in Active Directory where you want to store the group account. The default location for new groups is typically the Users container.
  5. Owners (Mandatory): Groups must have at least one owner who is responsible for managing the group. By default, you’re added as the owner of the group you’re creating. To add other owners, click Add.
  6. Members:Click Add to add members to this group. Members will receive a copy of messages sent to the group.
  7. Add group owners as members : if you want group owners should be part of this group. Please select this check box.

Choose whether owner approval is required to join the group:



Now check the below result after clicking on save.


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