How to power on a Virtual Server (virtual machine)

  1. If you see the server showing offline in your monitoring tool or received an alert/phone call for server being down. Ping the server from your machine if you are part of same network.
  2. If you cannot ping the server, check to see if server is a virtual or physical server from your inventory/monitoring tool.
  3. Login to the ESXi using vSphere windows client or browser (above esxi 6.0).
  4.  After login to the ESXi by opening the VMware vSphere Client shortcut on the desktop

5. Locate the virtual machine and click on “console” tab to verify if the machine if offline or having some connectivity issues.

If server is down, you will not see a “play” shape icon on the server and you will see a black screen when click on Console. Hint: Please be patient. Sometimes it takes some time for the screen appears under the Console tab.

If Server appears off, right click on the server and select Power on. Watch the server as it comes back online under the Console tab. If server has any issue rebooting, you should see the error. This is exactly like physical server reboot. Please see screen shot below:

Verify the server status from console tab.

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